The single door 200 Series Gorilla Portable Convection Oven was designed specifically to provide a simplified upgrade to a traditional commercial convection oven. Used at small to large events throughout the country, this is the entry level model of the Gorilla Ovens Series.

  • up to 20 full size food pans
  • internal patented heat distribution system
  • 18 gauge stainless steel exterior  & interior
  • heavy guage structural steel tube frame
  • solid stainless steel hinges & latches
  • unique heavy duty door latch design
  • five level / two-deep pan rack assembly
  • convenient deep tray removal pull
  • solid stainless steel corner guards & bumpers
  • shielded pilot system controls
  • 9v electronic ignition system
  • thermostat controlled temperature
  • color coded L.E.D. heat indication lighting
  • easily removable interior racking and heat assembly
  • jack pockets for optional stablizating jack system
  • revolutionary power-washer-friendly design
  • forklift pockets for easy and safe moving and loading
  • skid rails for easy trailer transport loading & unloading (600 series)
  • easy access low maintenance design
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 35”
    • Depth: 62.5”
    • Height: 78”
  • Weight: 850 pounds
  • Capacity
    • 20 Full Size Pans
    • 40 Half Pans
  • Rating: 73,250 BTU/HR
  • Gas Supply: LP Gas Only
  • Power: 9 volt Battery Power pack—(300+ Hrs)
  • Insulation: 2” Thermafiber Industrial
  • LED’s
    • Green: Pilot Gas Supply ON
    • Red: Pilot Gas Supply OFF
    • Yellow: Oven Main Burners ON
  • Pre-Heat Times: 425 ºF in less than 15 minutes

Gorilla Ovens


Gorilla Ovens 9 Volt Heating Control System


The electronic heating control system operates from a simple 9V battery (6 - C size). There are no cumbersome circuit boards or complicated wiring diagrams, just a simple and accurate control panel with L.E.D. color light monitoring. Imagine being able to see when the oven is at it's set heat or not by a green or red indicator light visible from a distance.

Gorilla Ovens Patented Heat Convection


Traditional convection ovens have 'hot spots' where temperatures may be warmer than other areas inside or use electric fans. Our fanless patented heat distribution ducts allow less than 5º temperature variation from top to bottom... front to back. Based on real world tests, Gorilla Ovens cut re-thermalization times significantly versus electric commercial convection oven alternatives.

Gorilla Ovens Maintenance Ease


Every internal rack and heat duct tower is easily removable for ease of maintenance or cleaning. Using a power sprayer on the interior for cleaning was a design feature allowing drainage through the rear three doors. The Gorilla Oven is simply designed for high volume production with little to no down time waiting for expensive or hard to install replacement parts.

Gorilla Ovens Propane Operated


The best part of a Gorilla Oven is that it operates entirely from a propane fuel source. This removes the hassle of requiring an electric power source or generator. This especially comes handy when in areas not having access to either.

*  Shown with optional quick fuel connection kit.

Gorilla Ovens Optional Jack


Not every outdoor location is perfectly level. Our years of commercial catering have shown the need for having the portable commercial oven be level for ease of operations. Each oven is designed with jack slot locations.

* Jacks are an available option.

Gorilla Ovens Pan Retriever


Reaching into a hot oven to retrieve a pan in the back can be time consuming and dangerous. We designed a lever which retrieves pans in the back so chefs and servers can easily access the food for distribution.  Each of the five levels of each door in the Gorilla Oven includes this helpful aide.